Let’s all band together

What if the president was a musician?  Would that make a difference?

We already had a sax player, but he was just a casual part-time player.  What about a real, full time musician in the Oval Office?  How are the acoustics in there?

It would have to be a fiddle player.  They are already the commanding officers of most bands, and also bubbly personalities who will attract the necessary attention to win public office.  However, a guitar player could also shred some nasty chords in the White House.  they wouldn’t even try and they would fix the problems.  They would party all day and then at like 9:25 p.m. they would bust out the solution to Universal healthcare and immigration and stop climate change just like that.

A banjo player would be good the first day and then disappear for three months.  He/she would then appear, make a totally awesome speech about saving the economy, and then back to the secret white-house-of-the-woods he/she would go.  The cello player would get elected president and then be too busy practicing to do anything until the fourth year in office.  The drummer would win the election and throw a big party for the whole United Nations and then six weeks later would quit citing better things to do.

The singer would try and try and try to get elected President but never make it.

There’s nobody else in a band, right?  ; )


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