I love exercise

Whether I have had a rough day, or I’m feeling a little off, or I am obsessing about something and don’t know what to do, exercise always helps.  Cardiovascular exercise is the best, because it warms you up and cleanses the bloodstream and it makes you focus on the body and on movement, which in turn takes focus away from whatever mental distress you were experiencing.  Running especially has these effects, not only from the workout but also from the repetitive pounding on the ground, which has a natural calming and releasing effect.  Although your legs might get sore, the back and the shoulders will loosen up while you go on a run.

When I can’t run due to my recurring foot problem or any other injury, I do HASfit workouts at home in the living room.  They have great ab workouts, as well as legs and upper body workouts.  I’ve never had the patience or motivation for a workout  video that was 20 minutes or longer, but the 8 to 10 minute workout routines are great.  You can find them on youtube here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/KozakSportsPerform

All of the HASfit videos are free to watch, and there are no ads.  It’s really great.

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