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Shannon Fritts-Penniman

Shannon Fritts-Penniman is an attorney mediator living in Brooklyn, NY.  He has mediated approximately 70 cases in New York and Colorado, primarily dealing with child custody/visitation, small claims cases, and neighbor-to-neighbor disputes.

His diverse work experience gives him a wide range of perspectives on the issues that come up in people’s lives.  His past jobs include assistant property manager, rock climbing instructor, county program coordinator for a community dispute resolution center, mediator, roofing contractor, painter, service industry staff, camp counselor, substitute teacher, website and database manager, quality control associate, dance instructor, and legal fellow for a judge in family court.  He studied law at the University of Colorado Law School and passed the bar exam in 2010.  He is licensed in Colorado and in New York.

As mediator, Shannon is willing to provide evaluative feedback about a case, and he excels at evaluating the emotional side of a disagreement without infringing upon neutrality and impartiality.  For cases with outstanding legal issues, Shannon highly recommends consulting with an attorney prior to mediation.

Please note that Shannon Fritts-Penniman does not provide legal advice.  Any information on this website is for informational purposes only.  Please consult an attorney for any legal questions or for legal advice on your issue.  Mediation is not legal advice and the mediator does not represent you.

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