Core Values

These are the core values of Freelancers Mediation:

  • Party Self-Determination.  Every person should control his or her own life to the maximum extent possible.  Mediation allows the parties to craft their own solution to a problem.  The law only comes into play as a background feature to the issues in the mediation.
  • Neutrality.  The mediator does not take sides, and the parties choose the resolution of the dispute by mutual agreement.  However, when helpful, the mediator may make evaluative statements to help parties see things from a different perspective.
  • Recognition.  The parties are encouraged to listen and to become aware of what the other person is trying to say, even if it does not match what he/she expected the other person to say.
  • Service.  The mediation process should be adjusted to meet the parties’ needs rather than forcing the parties to follow a specific process for the sake of the mediator.
  • Agreement.  Fostering communication that leads to agreement is the primary good that mediators provide, and a written agreement should be encouraged.
PC: Ryan McGuire