Sit down to eat

I have some friends in an intentional community in Colorado who always eat sitting on the floor.  They focus on their food, never having phones or devices or books in front of them, trying to taste the food and to experience the food.  They sit on the ground so that they are more “grounded” – after all, eating is a grounding experience to begin with… might as well ground all the way?  Food grows on the ground, you have to bend over to pick it.  Even if you kill an animal to get the meat, it falls to the ground before you pick it up and take it home.  So then you put something from the ground in your mouth and call it food, and it is delicious and nourishing, but don’t forget that you are eating something that came from the dirt.

They also believe that if you focus on your food, you will taste more flavors and generally enjoy what you are eating more than if you are distracted while you eat.  Please give it a try sometime – have a dinner party – where you sit on the ground and really enjoy eating.

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