Isn’t it hilarious that the Republicans’ main agenda items are to restore “law and order” and to get rid of “regulations?”  What do you think creates order, if not a regulation?  A regulation is none other than a subpart of a law.  What they are really saying is that they want to amplify and expand the use of police (lethal force) to enforce a code of morality (the criminal code) while simultaneously excluding from morality anything that has to do with economic fairness, protecting the environment and animal rights, equality and nondiscrimination based on race and gender, ethics and transparency in government, and a right to public education.

What’s even funnier is that these folks pretend to stand up for state and local control of decision making.  If that’s the case, what about pot legalization?  What about locally funded addiction treatment centers?  What about strict green building codes in towns and cities?  What about publicly funded gay pride parades?  What about high property taxes used to pay for public schools?


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