Explanation of the Title

I called this blog “first step to second thoughts” because I am pledging to spend no more than 20 minutes a day on each post.  I will not spend a lot of time revising and editing my work.  Following this plan generates a sense of anxiety because I worry about writing something that offends someone or making a grammatical mistake that would be embarrassing, especially given my law school degree and undergraduate education.  But I am committed to the lack of perfection in this blogging effort… hence, the title, First Step to Second Thoughts.

Furthermore, I plan to write once per day, every day.  Last fall, I took a workshop on blog writing, and the speaker said that you will gain both comfort and readership by posting frequently.  Comfort in the sense that you will become comfortable publishing work, out on the internet, for everyone to see, that may (eek!) have a mistake in it.  And increase readership simply by building an audience that enjoys your voice and comes to expect new posts… after all, the social media environment is constantly being updated and new news only lasts for a minute or a day.