Thawing out

Spring is in the air and things are changing!  Trump’s healthcare bill did not pass, the DNC is replacing all of their staff, the Republicans want to repeal the loan forgiveness plans that are in place, and people all over the country are uniting to defend basic values like science and respect for human dignity.  Ithaca seems to be abuzz with plans for new green buildings and sustainability and sanctuary city policies.  Debate on racial issues and gender issues is popping up in unexpected places.  The courts are transitioning to using email.   Lol

On a more personal level, I feel a willingness to reconsider my values and realign my work and my life with what I believe in.  Granted, I already do believe in what I am doing and who I am working for, but I have this feeling that I can be a greater advocate for people and causes.  And I am better equipped to ascertain what I enjoy and what motivates me and what my strengths can bring to the world.

So I say to the optimists and pessimists alike, welcome 2017!




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