What is it like to live in New York City?

My girlfriend Tanya wants me to move to the big Apple this summer.  I have never lived in New York City and I am skeptical about living in such a busy and populated place.  How do introverts handle it?  How do people who like alone time find it in the city?

I guess you can retreat to the apartment.  But in that case, you need a very comfortable apartment or at least one that’s not too cramped.  You could go to a park, but when I was here in NYC this past summer, the parks were more crowded then the grocery stores are in Ithaca.  I like the space and the woods and the openness of a small town.

I would love to hear from other people who lived in New York City for part of their lives, especially those who have lived in Ithaca at some point.  Please let me know your thoughts.






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