бард музыка

To what extent does the script, or written form of a language, affect culture?  Does having a character-based alphabet result in a different manner of perception and thinking than having a language with the Latin alphabet?  I wonder if I would visualize things differently if I grew up speaking Chinese rather than English.  Does the grammar also have an effect?

While at a Russian music/drinking festival two weeks ago, I noticed that the structure of a language does indeed affect the types and quality of song lyrics as well as musical genres.  Russian culture has produced a rich treasure of bard music, which to an American ear, basically sounds like folk music of the singer/songwriter variety.  However, Russian bard music is endowed with endlessly complex lyrics that take advantage of the eccentricities of Russian grammar, a grammatical system that is known for modifying nouns due to practically every subject and object doing the speaking or being talked about.  The end result is that Russians have the biggest and best crayon box with which to color their song lyrics and make sure that their words rhyme.

Could it be easier to rhyme in Russian than in English?  I am not proficient enough at Russian to make any sort of determination.  But for those of you who have never heard Russian bard music, I highly recommend listening and comparing this genre to anything the English language has to offer.






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