A sad day tomorrow

Yesterday I was really busy and forgot to write a blog entry, so today I have to write two.

Most white Americans (I am making a big generalization here) have always had the privilege to take pride in our government and our political system.  There have been sex scandals, there have been cases of corruption, but the politicians always at least tried to maintain a sense of responsibility and decency and have either gone through extensive efforts to cover up wrongdoing or admitted fault and stepped down from leadership.  Not anymore.  Under Trump, the false pretense of decency and honesty is gone.  Trump may say he is cleaning up Washington; but in truth he is making America into a post-Soviet republic from the late 1990’s.  A place were crony capitalism and right-wing social ideals drive the government like a red Ferrari purchased with taxpayer funds to sneak away to a private island with a mistress.

Formerly the beacons of democracy and freedom for the world, we no longer have the luxury of going along with business as usual.  Like citizens of many other countries around the world, we must finally pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to make that democracy by hand, because it has without a doubt been driven into the hands of the conservative elite; the same elite who happen to control major corporations; the same elite who happen to be generals in the military; the same elite who believe that God bestows good fortune on those who are more worthy and more holy than others.

I feel silly writing this because it is overplayed in the liberal media outlets that I read and watch.  A sense of hope lost pervades.  And many people of color and women and immigrants never had that hope to begin with, because they already had experienced racism or sexism or xenophobia that was condoned or facilitated by governmental policies.  But lately, I think a lot of people’s hope levels were on the upswing; people thought we were gaining more freedom and more liberty under Obama.



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