First blog post

Hi everybody!  I promised that I would start a blog in 2017.  Here is that blog.  Wait to be amazed with my clever thought processes and brevity of wit.  Wink wink.

The first question is, do I do one space or two between sentences?  Fierce debate rages on either side.  The post-progressive activist types seem to have adopted a single space, since it theoretically saves time and space in the real and virtual worlds.  I have a two-space habit that cannot be beat so I will just have to stick with two.

The second question is… will I write mostly about work stuff or personal stuff?  Or Trump?  It is not going to be a political diatribe because there is more than enough out there.  But I make no promises.

Lastly, I have no cool links today… Next time there will be some nice blue html.

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